North Harbour Sports Council History

Why did the North Harbour Sports Council Form?

  • 2008 – Creating a collaborative voice - Realisation that to be effective when engaging Council sports need to work together
  • Call to action from the Sports - Harbour Sport was asked to develop the framework and facilitate the formation of a collective voice.
  • Creation of North Harbour Sports Council


  • Act as an Advisory Group to Harbour Sport, identifying local and sub-regional issues
  • Speak as a collective voice for Sport in the Harbour region on behalf of the member organisations (RSOs)
  • Strengthen engagement with the Local Boards and Auckland Council and be their acknowledged ‘Voice of Sport’ in the region
  • Support Harbour Sport to ensure that sport organisations’ knowledge of the Local Boards and Auckland Council processes are kept up-to-date
  • Support Harbour Sport to keep the Local Boards and Auckland Council aware of the needs of Sport and how they can best be met utilising a collaborative approach whenever possible
  • Be adaptable in all of the above in response to an ever-changing landscape

Who are the members/ Affiliates?

  • 28 Member Sports across the North Harbour Region (broad-spectrum = water-based, indoor sports, outdoor court sports, outdoor field sports)
  • 100, 000 + members participating in these sports
  • Open to all sports to be a part of
  • Membership allows clear definition whom the NHSC is representing when speaking to Council.


  • Provide advice to Harbour Sport on issues at a local and sub-regional level
  • Ensure a Harbour perspective on Sport is provided to the Local Boards and Auckland Council on a range of issues covered by the Local Boards and Auckland Council as well as issues directly related to Sport
  • Ensure that the views of Sport are canvassed and conveyed to Local Boards and Auckland Council including providing advice on or assistance with formal consultations that are being undertaken
  • Provide submissions to the Local Boards and Auckland Council on matters of planning and infrastructure (especially if they have a direct impact on sport).


The NHSC Executive represents member sports organisations to engage with the Local Boards and Auckland Council.

The NHSC does not remove or reduce the Local Boards and Auckland Council responsibilities to obtain input from other sport groups through other means.

Achievements to-date

  • Submissions to annual plans – 2009, 2010,
  • Submissions to ATA - 2010
  • North Harbour State of Play Report - Aug 2010
  • Sport in the City Mayoral Debate - Sept 2010
  • Sport & Recreation Chapter 5 added to the Auckland Plan
  • Local Board Presentations 2011- current
  • Submission to LTP and Unitary Plans 2013 -14 – 15
  • Auckland Plan and Draft Long Term Plan Submission 2018
  • Yearly Sports Forum/ Symposium ‘issues in Sport’ 2014-2020
  • Submission to Auckland Council Sport Investment Plan 2019
  • Submission / or support for various Regional Sport Plans – Golf, Bowls, Tennis, Football, Indoor Court, Local Board Ollie (Upper Harbour)

Link to Harbour Sport

  • Facilitated the creation
  • Secretarial role
    • NHSC Executive is ‘the brains trust’
    • Harbour Sport carries out the administration
  • Constitutionally Harbour Sport is the only apolitical organisation with a key function of bringing sports together and advocating on their behalf in the region

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